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Some people are born great …

… but most of us have to work really, really hard at it. While wandering around the Twitterverse, I came across the 9 characteristics of a great teacher. I don’t disagree with any of their choices, but I don’t know… Continue Reading →

Winter Festivities: Celebration Without Exclusion

The first year that my family stopped going to Van Dusen Botanical Garden’s Festival of Lights as a family, I was devastated. We had gone every year since I was a little girl, and it was one of my favourite… Continue Reading →

The Learning Cycle: Prepare, Present, Ponder

It takes real planning to organize this kind of chaos! – Mel Odum This past Friday was the kind of day that exemplified this quote. Picture 73 grade 8-12 students with gifted designations running around in groups in a very… Continue Reading →

Draft Picks: Fantasy School Edition

Some time ago, the internet-wide book club for The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros was challenged to consider what their ideal school would look like. One of the blog prompts for #IMMOOC Week 1. If you would to start a school… Continue Reading →

Clothing, identity and teacher professionalism

The idea that clothing in some way creates a person’s identity is not a new one. Erasmus, in the 16th century, pointed out that “vestis virum facit” (clothes make the man), referencing a medieval writer who was himself referring to… Continue Reading →

Privacy in the Smartphone Age

Recently, my principal came over the intercom to explain to students that they were not allowed to live-broadcast their school experiences – either in or out of class. It seemed like an obvious statement, something that shouldn’t need to be… Continue Reading →

Challenging is in the eye of the beholder

This week’s #EdublogsClub prompt is about challenging situations, and at the end of a long weekend where I’ve spent more than fifteen hours putting together an inquiry-based project magazine on Canva, it seems an appropriate conversation to have.  It has… Continue Reading →

Finding a Balance

One of the things I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is … well, pacing, I guess.  What I teach, how I teach it, how long I give students to complete their work … things like that.  (This, if you… Continue Reading →

Party Invitations

Earlier this week, my students were meeting in their inquiry groups for the first time. We started the project a month ago, but it’s the first inquiry they’ve done with me (and, for most of them, the first inquiry they’ve… Continue Reading →

The Purpose of a Portfolio: Growth or Showcase?

What is the purpose of a portfolio? Is it meant to show growth – movement from one level of learning to the next, where we take our weaker pieces and reflect on what improvement is required (and why we didn’t… Continue Reading →

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